How Does Community Food Rescue Work?

When Community Food Rescue is implemented in 2015, there are six main components that will work in tandem to create a coordinated food recovery system. Here’s a quick look:

Free, automated matching service. CFR will deploy an automated, web-based matching tool already in use in the San Francisco Bay area to streamline matching food donors, food recipients and volunteer food runners. The web-based software will be supplemented by a call center for those who do not use the internet. The matching service will be available 24/7 and is expected to be operational by July 2015.

Capacity building grants. CFR has partnered with Intentional Philanthropy to administer a mini-grant program so that food recovery organizations can build their own capacity with equipment such as freezers, refrigerators, and vehicles to safely handle and transport recovered food. A $40,000 County grant has been generously increased by $20,000 in private funding. The grant opportunity will be announced in April. Watch for details on CFR’s Facebook page.

Refrigeration_Rainbow CDC
Mini- grants allow food recovery agencies to build their capacity including helping to purchase refrigerators, freezers, and trucks.

Training. CFR has enlisted Family Services, Inc. to train recipient organizations and their volunteers in safe food handling practices.

Recognition program. CFR will recognize and celebrate food donors and food recipient organizations working together. We’re partnering with Food Recovery Certified to co-brand their third party recognition program. We will promote businesses that donate food and encourage the public to patronize those businesses.

Information and resources. CFR will create fun and compelling multimedia materials for consumers about food safety so that food is not wasted and people do not get sick.

The chance to make a difference. CFR is creating ways that neighbors can help neighbors by donating time or food to Community Food Rescue so that we can fill bellies and not the landfill.

Join Us!

If you are a food donor or food recipient organization in Montgomery County, join our matching service. If you can transport food, join our volunteer food runners. If you’d like to help repackage, serve, or transport food at a hunger relief organization, contact one listed on our website.

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