Rescue Recruiters Help Build the Network


MoCo Food Council meeting attracted 75 people and featured “The Future of Food Recovery”.

“We know that there’s a lot more food that could be rescued and a lot of people who experience hunger every day”, explained Jackie DeCarlo, Executive Director of Manna Food Center to 75 people who attended the March 4th Food Council meeting to hear about the “Future of Food Recovery”. The focus of Community Food Rescue now is to implement the plans  created in 2014 for building a system-wide approach. “We’re excited to increase participation in food recovery by leveraging the expertise and community-based resources.”

Rainbow Community Development Center (6 of 7)
Interfaith Works and Rainbow CDC will help us recruit food donors in their neighborhoods.

“We’ve enlisted several diverse collaborators who will recruit food businesses, hunger relief organizations, and volunteer food runners to participate in Community Food Rescue,” explained DeCarlo.

CFR’s collaborators include managers from Bethesda Central and Olney Farmer’s Markets who will help recruit farmers and other farmer’s markets to donate fresh produce.

Bethesda Central and Olney Farmer’s Markets will help us recruit farmers to donate surplus fresh, local food.

 Interfaith Works and Rainbow Community Development Center, two neighborhood hunger relief organizations will help recruit local businesses and identify local food pantries that can use recovered food.

Bethesda Green will recruit restaurants through their Green Restaurant Program.

Montgomery Countryside Alliance, based in the County’s Agricultural Reserve will help us recruit farmers who can both donate surplus produce and receive food scraps for animal feed and for composting on their land.

pastoral scene_farm and production
Montgomery Countryside Alliance will help CFR recruit farmers to donate surplus produce and use food scraps for animals and compost.

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